from  Harley Davidson’s Service Bulletin
         M-1172   Denim Paint Care Instructions

“ . . . If scratched, nicked or scuffed, Black Denim paint can not be buffed out. If polished, the finish will become less matte and more glossy over time. This finish can not be repaired.”

From another Harley Davidson™ bulletin on Denim paint. 
“Careful consideration should be given to the handling of Denim paint, as damage from scratching or scuffing cannot be recovered by buffing “

Motorcycle Armor has added to its optically clear paint protection film products a revolutionary new product. .   MA Matte Finish Film™ that can be applied to denim painted parts on Harley™ motorcycles!   This new film protects the silky matte finish of denim paint from damage and cannot be seen on the bike.  It does not change the denim appearance of the paint, and even “repairs” (optically because of the adhesive in the film) existing minor scratches and scuffs!      Easy to apply, easy to remove, lifetime warranty. 

MA™ Matte Film After application on Black Denim FLTRX

MA™ Matte Film After application on White Denim FLHX

MA Matte Finish Film™ for denim paint kits:  (the kits contain engineered pre-cut film and everything needed for installation)

  • Hard bagger lids 
  • Front of hard bags
  • Back of hard bags
  • Fuel tank sides
  • Side covers
  • Front fenders 

Crimson Red Denim
with Motorcycle Armor Matte Protection

Since the introduction of the popular Denim paint available on Harley Davidson™ motorcycles, one major concern remains and creates concern for owners and hesitancy on the part of potential buyers of motorcycles painted in denim finish.  These concerns are warranted and are documented by various Service Bulletins such as those shown above. 

As you know, glossy paint damage can usually be buffed or renewed to “new” condition with a little work.   Denim paint, however, as confirmed by your experience and the above notifications from Harley Davidson™ cannot be buffed and the damage remains.   Until now, the only way to deal with paint damage due to paint etching bug acids, stone chips, accidental boot scuffs or scratches on denim painted bikes was to replace or re-paint the surface – both very expensive solutions.   Many HD dealers are now promoting this product to existing owners of denim painted bikes through their parts department and are “automatically” adding MA Matte Finish Film™ to their denim rentals and new bike sales through the Chrome Consultants.

Easy to install (15 - 20 minutes total) Kit comes with everything you need to make the easy installation.  Looks and works great on all the available denim paint colors.

Motorcycle Armor has been editorialized in American Baggers, Hot Bike Baggers, American Iron magazines, and Road Bike July ’11 edition 
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